15. 09. 2022

Before your first training session

You can now see them in every major city: so-called EMS studios are springing up like mushrooms. But can the hype live up to its promise and what exactly is EMS fitness training? We answer the most important questions about the latest fitness trend and clarify.

What is EMS fitness training?

The name already suggests it: EMS training stimulates muscles with the help of electrical stimuli. EMS means electro-myo-stimulation, whereby myo means nothing other than muscle. This type of fitness training uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles in such a way that they are intensively tensed and thus strengthened and built up. This principle is not new: since the 1970s, muscle stimulation has been used by physiotherapists in rehabilitation. You have certainly heard of stimulation current. The EMS training is basically nothing else. You wear certain clothing that transmits electrical impulses to your muscles. Your trainer can control the intensity of the electrical impulses via a control unit.

The obviously interesting thing about EMS fitness training: Compared to strength-sapping endurance or weight training, the training promises a comparatively fast muscle build-up without breaking a sweat. The principle is simple: electrodes attached to the skin send electrical pulses. These are low-frequency electric shocks with a voltage of about nine volts and between 50 and 90 milliamperes strong. These are sent to the muscles. The result: the muscles contract; in other words, the muscles tense up. Basically the same effect as if you take a dumbbell in your hand and bend your forearm to train your biceps. Also during EMS fitness training you are of course not completely inactive. Rather, so-called isometric exercises are performed. This means that you hold your body statically in a certain position. This can be squats, lunges or numerous other positions - depending on which muscles you want to strengthen specifically. Squats, for example, target your thigh and gluteal muscles. However, due to the electrical impulses, the tensed muscles are addressed via the body's own measure. Thus the lunges, squats and Co. become much more effective.

Is EMS fitness training better than a gym?

Opinions differ on the question of whether EMS fitness training or working out on equipment in a gym is better. The fact is that EMS fitness training is much more effective than most other workouts. An EMS session lasts only 20 minutes. In the process, 90 percent of your entire muscular system is trained. So if you're looking for a highly effective and time-saving workout, EMS is definitely the right choice for you. But not only your muscles are happy about a regular EMS fitness training. It is also proven that EMS training leads to a reduction of your body fat percentage. This in turn leads to a toned and well-defined body. Do you suffer from back problems? Then EMS fitness training can also help you. Back pain is often the result of poor posture and weak core muscles. These are specifically addressed during electropulse training. This improves your posture, which in turn relieves back pain. Also, the small muscle fibers, which are responsible for the stability of the spine, are addressed during EMS fitness training. These are weakened in many people who suffer from low back pain. Regular EMS fitness training has been proven to alleviate back pain.
As you can see, EMS fitness training offers you a multitude of advantages. Especially the enormous time savings compared to aerobic or spinning classes is what speaks for EMS fitness training.

How often should I do EMS fitness training?

Of course, you should not expect to get a six pack after just two or three training sessions. We also recommend the so-called dynamic EMS training. This means that you additionally control your muscle fibers during the training. The current impulse from the machine together with your tensed muscles has a significantly higher effect.

Maybe you have heard that EMS fitness training is harmful and can affect the kidneys? This is only true if you overdo it with the training. As with any other sport, the same applies to EMS fitness training: it is important to find the optimal workload for your own training condition. Especially untrained people who have not exercised for years should not overdo it with the training. A good personal trainer will work out a suitable training plan for you. Untrained people are generally more sensitive to training. But even if you are athletically trained: EMS training differs from other sports in that it should not be performed too frequently. One or two training units per week are sufficient.

Does EMS training burn fat?

Yes, definitely! This is one of the main advantages of EMS training: Not only do you build muscle comparatively quickly. Your fat deposits will also be attacked and you will notice that your abdominal girth will decrease significantly. Several studies prove that with the help of EMS fitness training you can not only lose weight: Especially the belly fat, which is so harmful for your health, can be significantly minimized. Of course, EMS training is not a miracle cure: if you want to lose weight, you must of course also pay attention to more exercise in everyday life and a healthy and balanced diet.

Many people who want to try EMS fitness training have weight loss as their primary goal. In fact, there are people who have lost 70 kilograms thanks to a change in diet and EMS fitness training. After all, you burn 17 percent more calories during EMS fitness training than during any other ordinary workout. The comparatively fast muscle build-up has another advantage: This leads to an increase in the basal metabolic rate. So you consume more calories even at rest and lose weight faster.

EMS fitness training primarily targets the muscles. If you want to challenge your body comprehensively, you should also plan a few endurance sessions per week. Endurance is hardly ever challenged in EMS training, as is coordination.

Is EMS painful?

Small electric shocks: This sounds a bit strange at first. But don't worry: EMS training is not painful at all. You will only feel a slight tingling sensation, which is by no means unpleasant. Because you don't use weights, unlike strength training, EMS fitness training is very easy on your joints. Despite a comparatively high intensity for your body, EMS training will not seem as exhausting as other sports. However, there is also a danger: Make sure that you do not overstrain yourself at the beginning and give your muscles the opportunity to slowly get used to the training. Our trainers take care that your muscles are not overstrained. If this is the case, the concentration of creatine kinase (CK) in the blood is particularly high, which can damage your kidneys in the long term. Muscle-stimulating training is not recommended for use at home. There is simply too much to consider and you should always place yourself in the hands of an experienced personal trainer.

Does EMS really build muscle?

In fact, there are countless independent studies that prove that regular EMS fitness training builds muscle. Professional athletes in particular benefit from being able to build their muscles in a very targeted way.

Another advantage of EMS training is that it is just as suitable for very ambitious athletes as it is for the completely untrained. Even overweight people can do EMS training because it is very easy on the joints. For seniors, EMS fitness training has another advantage: it can help to counteract the natural loss of muscle mass that occurs with age. Basically, EMS training is suitable for everyone. Caution is only advised for people suffering from chronic heart failure or epilepsy. It is also important that the training is always carried out under supervision. If you want to try this trend, go to a competent gym like our Bionic EMS Studio.

Not to be left unmentioned is the high calorie consumption. Experts have found that during a 20-minute EMS workout you burn about 515 calories. For comparison: during a 20-minute running session at a moderate pace, you only burn about 200 calories. Of course, these are only approximate values: calorie consumption depends on many factors such as age, gender and body weight. But the fact is that calorie consumption during EMS training is much higher than during most other sports. EMS training is therefore a welcome alternative for those who don't have time for exercise in the fresh air or who shy away from physical activity.

Why train with Bionic?

You are now convinced of the benefits of EMS training and are looking for a good studio near you? At Bionic, we know what EMS fitness is all about. To make sure you get the most out of your workout, Bionic only employs experienced and well-trained fitness trainers. You never train alone, but always have an experienced trainer who supports you in your training. This is the only way to get the most out of your training. Of course, our studio offers you all imaginable comfort. Fresh towels and high-quality care and cosmetic products are free of charge.
Surely you are now curious about EMS fitness training and our studios. Then don't hesitate and book your first consultation appointment today! We look forward to meeting you and will support you in the best possible way during your training sessions.