13. 09. 2022

What is EMS Training?

Man is a being who is always striving for improvement - in all areas. This principle applies equally to sports, science and the environment. That is why EMS training is becoming increasingly popular in the sports sector. It is an ingenious addition to the classic workout. So what does EMS training look like and who can practice it without hesitation?

During the workout, athletes receive small electric shocks. However, these are used to increase athletic performance. As a result, they benefit from faster training success. At least, this is the opinion of fitness studios that offer EMS training. Since this type of workout is still on the rise, legitimate questions arise in this context:

  • Is this type of muscle stimulation effective?
  • What are the rules from a health perspective?
  • Is EMS training suitable as an alternative to traditional workouts?
  • How often can I train per week?
  • Can anyone use this type of training?

EMS is an abbreviation for electromyostimulation. This type of training is extremely effective because it stimulates muscle growth during dynamic movements. Sounds simple. And what does it look like in practice? Does EMS training really work? Physical therapists have been using the power of electricity since 1950.

However, they have used this form of training for people who have lost muscle mass due to an accident. Meanwhile, more and more gyms are specializing in EMS. They offer this type of training as a whole-body workout. In addition, athletes pursue two important goals: First, they want to use it to build muscle. Secondly, they reduce existing body fat more quickly in this way. Furthermore, EMS training increases maximum strength in addition to endurance. Last but not least, EMS acts as a useful therapy against back pain.

By the way, anyone can use EMS, as there is no age limit in this respect. Young or old, it does not matter. Because who is not subject to health restrictions, can enjoy the numerous benefits of EMS. Experienced athletes also ask again and again whether they can use EMS at home, without an expert person. After all, home training impresses with its high convenience factor. This is partly true: No travel and the associated travel costs are eliminated. But with EMS, no one - and that really means no one - gets around a professional EMS trainer.

Even athletes who purchase an EMS device should by no means train without the supervision of a professional, according to experts. This is because a person who has not enjoyed EMS training is definitely not able to assess the appropriate strength of the current pulses. In addition, an athlete who is currently using the device cannot control it without assistance. Why is this important? Because the intensity can be too high from time to time. After all, arms, hands and the entire rest of the body are bound by the impulses.

Not even experienced EMS trainers dare to train by themselves. Furthermore, people who want to train on their own are left to their own devices without the necessary knowledge when it comes to choosing exercises and performing them. No one tells them if they are doing their exercises correctly. Therefore, incorrect postures remain. That is why personal training with EMS is of elementary importance. Because only with an expert users achieve the desired success and reduce the risk of danger almost to zero.

The training is not suitable as an alternative to the classic workout - only as a supplement. After all, a healthy body needs exercise, a balanced diet and enough sleep. Electrical impulses cannot perform miracles without a holistic program that is coherent in itself. Advantages of EMS training The advantages of EMS training are that it is based on the body's own principle. After all, a bioelectric impulse in the brain triggers every movement that athletes make. EMS Fitness transmits these impulses directly to the desired muscle group with the help of a functional vest, which is equipped with electrodes. In the process, the electrical impulse activates and contracts the muscles. Thus, the training acts as a super booster. The benefits definitely include a rapid build-up of strength, an intensive increase in performance and rapid regeneration. But that is by far not all. Because the EMS Fitness impresses with further advantages. It is highly effective and time-saving. When used regularly, the training has a positive effect on performance as well as general fitness. In addition, the back muscles are strengthened. Just 20 minutes a week is enough to strengthen the desired muscle group including the back. As a result, muscular imbalances disappear more quickly. In addition, with the EMS devices muscle groups can be reached, which lie deeper. With a classic training, on the other hand, they can be strengthened less. Athletes achieve the same results within a shorter period of time. With traditional strength training, this would require several hours per week. Another advantage is that EMS training is unique, because it is in no way comparable with any other training - at least not with conventional fitness training. This is because in EMS fitness, trainers personally supervise athletes. During the exercise phase, they also receive constructive feedback on the execution of their exercises and advice on what they can do better. Thanks to the intensive support, trainers and athletes get to know each other well within a short period of time. Fitness trainers thus quickly know where their protégés' strengths and weaknesses lie. As a result, they better address the weaknesses. In addition, EMS Fitness only works with a binding appointment booking. Consequently, this creates a commitment as well as an obligation to attend the training - compared to a conventional sports session. With the help of EMS, fitness freaks can conquer their inner stubbornness even on days when they are not motivated, because they have booked a binding appointment.

Common uses for EMS

Meanwhile, more and more fitness studios are specializing in EMS training. They offer this type of training as a whole-body workout. In addition, athletes pursue two important goals: First, they want to use it to build muscle. Secondly, they reduce existing body fat more quickly in this way. Furthermore, EMS Fitness increases maximum strength in addition to endurance. Last but not least, EMS Fitness acts as a useful therapy against back pain. Another underestimated potential of EMS lies in its rapid anti-aging effect. Because the training is not only suitable for fat reduction or muscle building, but also against dents in the skin. Cellulite, never to be seen again! That's why wellness centers and cosmetic studios are now also using this unique training to help their guests strengthen their external well-being. Since EMS, as a full-body workout, strengthens all the major muscles of the body, in addition to building muscle, the basal metabolic rate increases and the body consumes significantly more calories. Therefore, the training is used to prevent the formation of fatty tissue. Because in the places where muscle mass dominates, fat cells have a bad chance. Another purpose of EMS is to stimulate metabolism. Because during the training this is clearly higher than otherwise. Those who strive for successful weight reduction use this training and combine it with a suitable diet as well as sufficient sleep. This enables them to reach their desired weight more quickly. Those who reduce fat tissue with the help of EMS also tighten their skin. Thus, the training also acts as an ideal measure against orange peel skin. EMS also stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the skin is better supplied with nutrients. It looks smoother and younger. EMS is also used to correct muscular imbalances. In addition, women who have pelvic floor problems due to childbirth can count on the power of EMS. Moreover, electrostimulation is a good complement to traditional postpartum gymnastics. Patients suffering from incontinence also have the opportunity to use EMS fitness as a natural healing method. In addition, EMS is suitable to positively influence the cardiovascular system in healthy people.

In which cases is EMS fitness training not recommended?

Since EMS is one of the relatively new types of training in gyms, rumors are accordingly accumulating. These say that EMS is dangerous because it stresses the kidneys and promotes the destruction of muscle phases. Unfortunately, this is not a rumor, but the bitter truth. However, it is true only when athletes exaggerate with EMS during training. A small as well as petite person is stressed faster and more than a big, strong athlete. Furthermore, soft muscles react much faster than a well-trained, muscular body. EMS fitness is not recommended in cases when it is impossible to maintain the correct strength of current impulses and the necessary breaks between sessions. Healthy individuals may practice the EMS Fitness up to twice a week.

Those who feel a feeling of weakness, palpitations, pain or circulatory problems after this training should consult a doctor. Because these signs prove that this workout is less suitable for these people. Also, people who have a pre-existing medical condition should first ask their doctor if they are allowed to undergo muscle stimulation using electrical impulses. People who suffer from cardiovascular problems, vascular and heart problems, have high blood pressure, an increased risk of bleeding or have had cancer should refrain from EMS Fitness to be on the safe side. The same applies to pregnant women. This is because the safety of the unborn child is more important than training with this type of muscle stimulation.